How long does a fully charged PowerPack X last?

Actual spraying time may vary depending on your individual project. The PowerPack is designed to only run when needed to maintain tank pressure, but the average professional should have no trouble completing a day's work on a single charge.

Can I purchase a ProLine system directly from Green Gorilla?

At this time, you can only get our systems at one of our authorized distributors, but our sales team is happy to help connect you with the best one for you.

Can I still get parts for my older system?

We have parts for all recently discontinued products here, and even some from our older systems. Please contact us at We’ll try to get you what you need.

We went back to the drawing board and completely redesigned our tanks and PowerPacks to make them sturdier, more secure, more powerful, and with added features to suit the needs of professionals. If you'd like more information than what we have here on our site, please contact us at
The Vi series has all viton seals for especially strong solutions, such as bleach, and also has a more powerful PowerPack. You can find the full comparison here.
There are a wide selection of options within the ProLine series. Please contact us at or ask one of our distributors for more information.
We have a wide range of tips, all with their own specific flow rates. To see them all, please check here.
Our ProLine systems have 1 year warranties that cover problems of manufacture (material or workmanship).
Our online registration page is here. You can register up to 6 different items at one time. Please be sure to list all your products for your warranties to be fully activated.
The PowerPack X will take approximately 5 hours to charge from a fully discharged unit using the fast charger that's provided.
No, the lithium-ion (Li-Ion) battery does not have a memory, therefore you can charge them at anytime, even if it isn't fully discharged.
The battery life of the Li-Ion used in the PowerPack X can be anywhere from 2-5 years, depending on the number of charges and discharges, as well as the shelf life prior to usage by the user.
Yes, the battery pack is easy to replace by removing the screw on the back of the PowerPack X. Contact your distributor about all replacement parts or check our website.
Yes, as long as the tanks are part of the Green Gorilla product line and are approved as compatible with the model of the PowerPack X you have purchased.
The PowerPack X has a microprocessor controlled pressure switch that automatically turns the compressor on and off as needed to maintain optimum PSI.
Yes, there is an automatic pressure relief valve built into the patented Quick-Connect™ fitting. If the pressure in the tank should rise above the safety range (factory set), the pressure relief valve will automatically open to vent the pressure and then reset automatically. The pressure in the tank can also be released manually by depressing the red button in the center of the connector on the tank when the PowerPack or other accessories are not attached to the Quick-Connect.
Yes, but we do not recommend storing liquids in the tanks for extended periods of time. You can minimize potential tank problems by emptying the tank and triple rinsing with water after each use.
At this time, no. We do still have replacement parts available including PowerPacks. If your B or A series is in need of repair, please contact us.
Due to the large changes with the new ProLine series, very few parts are compatible from previous series. If you want to know about particular pieces, please contact us.
We never count anything out, but at this time our engineers are focused on our industrial markets. Please check by again to see if that changes.
Yes. We have the owner's manuals available for download so that you can print them from home.
A.When the PowerPack is plugged into the provided charger and plugged into an electrical socket, is the light on the charger green or red?

B.If it's red, let it charge until the light turns green. If the light doesn't turn green within 7 hours, your battery or charger are not working properly. Please contact us for service or replacement parts.

C.If it's green, unplug the PowerPack from the charger completely. Once disconnected completely, turn on the PowerPack. If it doesn't turn on (there will be audible humming from the PowerPack) your PowerPack is in need of service. Please contact us. The PowerPack will not run if connected to the charger.

D.If the PowerPack runs normally but the tank isn't spraying, place your thumb over the green PowerPack Quick-Connect post hole while it's running (you'll find it on the back of the PowerPack, where it connects to the tank). Does the PowerPack turn off when you apply pressure over the hole? If it does turn off, the problem may be with your tank. See instructions below. If it doesn't turn off when the connector hole is blocked by your thumb, then your PowerPack is in need of service. Please contact us.
A. Check to see if your hose is kinked or damaged.

B. Assure that the problem isn't with your PowerPack by either testing your PowerPack or pumping your tank manually with the manual pump. If the tank sprays as a result of manually pumping, the issue is with your PowerPack. Please see above instructions.

C. Check to see if your filter has become clogged (if included on your model). If you system has a filter, it will be found in your spray wand. Refer to your owners manual for it's location. If you have continued clogging issues, assure that your are straining your solutions properly.

D. Remove the adjustable spray tip and try spraying without it. If it sprays without it, your nozzle may be damaged or clogged.

E. Are you using a water-based or oil-based solution? Oil-based solutions are thicker and thus more difficult to spray. The Green Gorilla can spray oil-based solutions, but depending on the thickness of the solution, there may be a notable reduction in the spray performance. The Green Gorilla spray tanks are not recommended for oil-based solutions. Petroleum-based solutions should never be used with anything but our Vi product line, as it will damage the seals of the Em tanks.

F. If none of these fix your problem, please contact us.
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Battery Powered Sprayer Precision Application

Precision Application

Precisely maintained pressure throughout a job means you never put down less or more product than you need.

Battery Powered Sprayer Faster Job Completion

Faster Job Completion

Operators can spend up to 25% of application time just pumping. By removing the need to pump, the user can complete jobs faster, opening them up to take on more jobs per day.

Battery Powered Sprayer Increased Profits

Increased Profits

Make your business more profitable by precisely controlling product use, faster application times, and by reducing repetitive motion injuries.

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