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Pressure Sprayer Accessories Power Pack

PowerPack X

MN# P-08-PL-00204 & P-08-PL-00205

Available in a range pressure levels, the PowerPack X is the brain and muscle of the Green Gorilla system. Turn it on and it pressurizes your system and automatically monitors and maintains pressure consistently.

Attaches with a snap, swap one PowerPack X between multiple tanks without depressurizing or flushing.

DC Charger

MN# P-08-XX-00058

If your workload is heavy, this charger will allow you to charge your PowerPack on the road. The PowerPack's lithium ion battery has no memory, so you can charge it briefly between stops without loss of charge.

Pressure Sprayer Accessories DC Charger

Pressure Sprayer Accessories SoftPack

ProCase & Kits

MN# P-03-PL-00333 / P-03-PL-00503 / P-03-PL-00502

Keep your equipment organized with this case, built to hold a PowerPack X, charger, replacement batteries, spray tips, and more. Available alone or as a kit that includes many popular accessories and maintenance parts.

Premium Shoulder Strap

MN# P-08-PL-00222

This strap is built with the worker in mind; double stitched, heavily padded, and adjustable so the user can set his tank at just the right height.

Pressure Sprayer Accessories Premium Shoulder Strap

Pressure Sprayer Accessories 20ft Hose

Extended Hoses & Quick-Disconnect Kits

MN# Various

Easily lengthen the hose of any ProLine system with a couple clicks. Leave your system behind as you slide into a crawlspace or behind ducts. Hoses and Disconnect kits are available in multiple levels of chemical durabilities, check with your reseller to get exactly what you need.

Pressure Sprayer Accessories Brass Body Spray Wand

Brass Body Spray Wand

MN# TJAA3108 & TJAA3118

Solid brass construction and viton seals, this spray wand comes in two extension lengths: 8” and 18”.

Positive-Shutoff Spray Wand

MN# TJAA3008 & TJAA3018

This gunjet style spray wand features viton seals and a positive shutoff at the tip, to prevent stray drips. This wand’s brass extension is available in 8” and 18”.

Pressure Sprayer Accessories Positive-Shutoff Spray Wand

Pressure Sprayer Accessories PolyChem Spray Wand

PolyChem Spray Wand

MN# TJ226718

Lightweight yet robust poly construction, this wand contains all viton seals and has an 18” extension.

PolyBase Spray Wand

MN# TJ508018

Lightweight and efficient, this poly wand uses all buna-n seals and has an 18” extension.

Pressure Sprayer Accessories PolyBase Spray Wand

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