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Leave the pumping behind. Apply cleaners and rinse steadily, with no stopping and no pumping.

Introducing the Acf Dual Coil Cleaning System

A portable two tank system for residential and light commercial condenser and evaporator coil cleaning.

The rechargeable lithium-ion PowerPack automatically pressurizes the tank to maintain a constant pressure and flow rate for fast and effective coil cleaning. This system features separate tanks for coil cleaner and rinse water, ideal for remote locations where access to a water supply is not available. No more long hose runs throughout the kitchen area creating a safety hazard.

High pressure cleaning systems can damage fins and provide a flow that can overwhelm condensate drains, but the Green Gorilla operates at a safe steady pressure that will not harm delicate fins while providing a steady flow for a thorough cleaning.

For the HVAC/R industries, we've developed a two tank portable system that is optimized for cleaning and rinsing both air conditioning or refrigeration evaporator and condenser coils in residential and light commercial environments.

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Pressure Sprayer Green Gorilla ProLine Comparison Vi Series
Acf Dual Coil Clean
  Acf Coil Clean Acf Coil Rinse
Qty Per System 1 1
Seal & Gasket Material Viton® EPDM & Buna-N
Operating Pressure 20 psi
Automatically Detects & Maintains Pressure Yes
Battery Life 8 hours continuous spraying
Charging Wallcharger 110VaC
User Replaceable Power Cells 2
Tank Size 2.5 gal
Backup Manual Pump Yes
Tank Hose 48" with inline dripless quick connects
Hose Extension 20ft hose extension with inline dripless quick connects
Stress Relief Hose Springs Yes
Spray Wand
(Standard Configuration)
Optional Wands
(Ideal for confined spaces)

  1. Backup Manual Pump
  2. Chemically Resistant Hose
  3. Wand holder
  4. Quick-Connect Adapter
  5. On/Off Button
  6. Connection Knob
  7. Power Level Indicators
  8. User Replaceable Power Cells
  9. Sunken PowerPack Pocket
  10. Built-in Drip Cup
Proline Sprayer Tank


Material: Specially formulated high strength chemical and impact resistant HDPE

Fabrication: Proprietary custom blow molded technology

Strength: Thick walled - high burst pressure >60 psi

Chemical Resistance: Highly resistant to a wide range of chemicals

Endurance Test: Six foot drop test onto concrete (no affect) - more durable than metal

Sealing Surface: Specially designed post-machined sealing surface for O-ring seal

Capacity: 1.5 and 2.5 gal. (Easy-Fill extra wide mouth)

Connection Technology

Material: Acetal - high strength and chemical resistant

Seals: Available in Viton® or EPDM

Type: Patented "Quick-Connect™" system

Connection Products: PPX push-on/twist knob removal and Jgroove

Manual Depressurization: Yes - depress red button to depressurize tank

Safety Auto-Depressurization: Yes - automatic safety pressure release

Max Pressure: >50 psi


Material: Flexible reinforced double wall and highly resistant to a wide range of chemicals

Size/Color: 0.54" (OD) x 0.31" (ID) / Dark Grey

Strain Relief: Stainless springs.

Inline Quick Connects: Viton® seals, push button disconnect

End Connection: Brass compression sleeve onto 1/4" Male NPT

Manual Pump

Material: Chemical resistant Co-Polymer

Capacity: High capacity pump requires fewer strokes for higher pressure

Seals: Available in Viton® or EPDM

Proline Sprayer PowerPack


Material: Space-age high strength Xenoy™ - Six foot drop test onto concrete (pass)

Color: Black over-mold with grey case

Over-mold: Santoprene™ - 50 durometer

Connection to Tank: Push-in to attach, twist knob to remove: Quick-Connect™

Micro Compressor

Type: Reciprocating Piston - high cycle life tested

Motor: Brush DC

Max Flow: 6.0 L/min

Max Pressure: 29 psi (200 Kpa)

Smart Pressure Technology™

Controller Type: Advanced microprocessor coupled with solid state high accuracy piezoresistive MEMS pressure sensor technology

User Adjustable: No

Factory Setting: 20 psi +- 5%

Hysteresis: 2 psi (factory adjustable)

Battery Technology

Type: Dual field replaceable rechargeable Li-Ion - 5200 mA-hr. @ 7.4Vdc

Recharge Time: ~5 hrs with 115 VAC wall charger

Recharge Method: Wall charger rated at 8.4 VDC, 1000 ma or 12 Vdc car charger

Charging Indicator: LED: Red = charging, Green = charged

Capacity Indicator: LED: Green = charged, Yellow = half charge, Red = discharged

Application Time: 6 - 8 hrs¹


1) Application time assumes a 50% duty cycle and is dependent on the wand and tip configuration.

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Engineered Precision

By automating the pressurization of our systems, we ensure that users apply the correct amount of product every time.

Users are also freed from pumping, allowing them to complete jobs faster and with less fatigue.

  • Precise Application
  • Faster Job Completion
  • Increased Profits
  • Built To Last
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