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Intelligent Delivery Systems

Green Gorilla ProLine Now Available!

Green Gorilla has built the First Intelligent Delivery System.

Powerful enough to treat all day on a single charge, this intelligent sprayer will help your team work faster, spray more accurately, and with less fatigue.

  • Precision Application
  • Faster Job Completion
  • Increased Profits

Green Gorilla has the solutions you need to give
your business the edge.

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Green Gorilla ProLine
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Green Gorilla ProLine:
Intelligence At Work

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The Green Gorilla ProLine uses Smart Pressure Technology (SPT™) to precisely control pressure automatically, eliminating manual pumping.

Without the need to stop and pump, many users will see a 25% time savings when treating. That's time you can use to better grow your business.

• Automatically maintains pressure
• Robust industrial design
• Multiple configurations to fit every business.

Smart Pressure Technology (SPT™) utilizes
state of the art technology to precisely match the
fluid pressure to the requirements of the wand tip.

Incorporating sophisticated microprocessor
control of a compact compressor combined
with an advanced long-life MEMS piezoresistive
pressure sensor to consistently maintain the
pressure all the time, every time.

Simple Intelligence

The Green Gorilla ProLine of sprayers makes
the latest technology simple.

The patented PowerPack easily attaches to
the tank with a simple push and click, turn the
PowerPack on and let the automation work for you.

Rotate the knob to remove the PowerPack while
the tank is still under pressure.

This allows you to easily swap a single
PowerPack between multiple
tanks or snap on a freshly charged unit.

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Thick walled polyethylene pump sprayers,
made to take a beating.

Custom poly forming technology results
in tanks lighter than metal tanks,
while performing better in drop tests.

All systems include an ergonomic back up
manual pump, ensuring that you can finish
the job, no matter what.

A fixed base features a built in drip cup to ensure
your chemicals only go where you want them to.

Where to Buy

We're available at many distributors around the world and online. Below is a small list of our authorized retailers. Ask your local distributor if they have us in stock or contact one of our sales reps to find a seller near you.

ProLine Distributors

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