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Automated Spray Systems

Never Pump Again.

Green Gorilla Advanced Spray Systems brings you industry grade, battery powered sprayers.

Utilizing lithium ion technology, our rechargeable sprayer systems maintain the tank pressure automatically.

  • Complete jobs up to 25% faster
  • Save up to 15% in chemical usage
  • Prevent repetitive motion injuries

Green Gorilla has the solutions you need to give
your business the edge.

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The Powered Sprayers You've Always Wanted

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Work faster, safer, and use less valuable chemicals with Industrial Grade Lithium Ion Battery Pump Sprayers.
    • Smart Pressure Technology™

    • Sprays smooth, steady, with less overspray

    • Rechargeable lithium ion battery power

    • Rugged construction

    • Options to fit every industry

Industrial grade components detect and
maintain the sprayers pressure automatically,
giving you a smooth spray pattern,
never needing to pump.

Unlike other battery operated sprayer tanks, our
smart Power Packs only run when needed,
preserving battery life.

Just turn it on and go.

Easily Detaches

With the Easy-Twist Quick-Connect™
the rechargeable, lithium ion Power Pack
never contacts the fluid. Swap one between many
sprayers with no cross contamination risk.

Never clogs.


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Anti-Tip Tank

Thick walled polyethylene pump sprayers,
made to take a beating.

Ergonomic handle is also a back up
manual pump, ensuring that you can finish
the job, no matter what.

Translucent, UV resistant, wide opening.

Customize to suit
your needs

Chose from a host of accessories
or speak to a sales rep to get the exact
rechargeable sprayer you need.

We have the battery powered solution
you're looking for.

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